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Print Management

Print Management Software

Do you have a “print” problem?

In many organizations the printer fleet is the last large unmanaged expense; future trends indicate the time has come to take control.

  • It is estimated that corporations spend between 1-3% of their total revenue on printing.
  • The average office employee spends $15,000 annually on document output.
  • Printer volumes are increasing 11% annually (9% black & white; 19% in color).
  • More printer activity calls for growing demands of internal support—from administrative staff to the IT department.
  • It is estimated that 40% of all IT help desk calls are printer related, pulling valuable IT staff off core projects.

The bottom line...Capital budgets are being stretched with random, uncontrolled, uneducated purchases of printers and related supplies and parts.

Print Management Software

Our remote monitoring system is comprised of powerful, yet easy-to-use software that is designed to monitor, report, and manage your fleet of printers. With a simple download onto your network, the SourceOne Data Collector Agent (DCA) will remotely collect and store all of your printing devices’ diagnostic data, helping to diagnose problems before they occur and identify overworked or under-used devices.

Our innovative print management system will maximize the potential of your printer fleet while providing you peace of mind. This turn-key print management program will manage, service, and supply your printers allowing your organization to gain control, increase efficiencies, manage costs, and most importantly, allow you to focus on your core business.