1. Elevate Your Workstation: Adjustable Height Equipment

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    The Need for Ergonomic Office Furniture

    According to BeFurniture.com, sitting at a desk all day can have long lasting and damaging effects to your body. Due to this information, the need for ergonomic furniture is on the rise. Having adjustable office furniture can positively influence your posture and health. In order to combat the strain standard office furniture could be putting on your body, outlined below are ways you can elevate your workstation and lower your discomfort.

    Adjustable 3-Height Footrest


    Adjustable 3 Height Footrest



    Are your feet feeling restless after a long day at the office? This adjustable footrest is ready to adapt to your needs. This footrest is designed to support your feet while reducing back and leg discomfort. You can change its height and unlock it to allow back and forth rocking.

    Precision Extended Height Swivel Stool


    Precision Extended Height Swivel Stool



    This swivel stool is made with deep cushions to maximize comfort, making it an ideal place for employees to sit. The stool is adjustable and comes with support legs to help ease pressure points. The user friendly controls make adjusting to any height convenient and easy. Its five-star base includes dual hooded casters.

    Single Level Height-Adjustable Stand


    Single Level Height Adjustable Stand



    This adjustable stand raises any computer or monitor to the level you are most comfortable looking at. It is wide enough to fit most laptop designs and provides cable management controls to keep your wires organized. No more straining your neck looking at a computer screen, this stand can help ensure comfort all day long.

    Height-Adjustable FDB AV Cart


    Height Adjustable FDB AV Cart



    Organize your needs on the go with this FDB AV Cart. This spacious cart offers enough room for a projector and document camera. The moveable shelf was designed to hold a laptop and any presentation materials you may need. It has lower cabinets for extra storage space and its steel body will keep all equipment cool. The height adjusts to fit your specific needs and provides easy mobility for professionals on the go.

    WorkFit-T Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation


    Workfit-T Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation



    Tired of sitting in your office chair all day? This sit-stand workstation could be the answer to some of your needs. This workstation allows you to instantly move to sit or stand as you work. The hand break levers make transitioning the surface either higher or lower a breeze. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.


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  2. Product Spotlight: VividBoard Customizable Whiteboards

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    If you’re in the market for an innovative and customizable whiteboard, then you’re in the market for a VividBoard. VividBoard offers a complete communication solution that will transform your ordinary office supplies. Started in 2002, VividBoard saw a need for change in the way traditional whiteboards were produced and used. After implanting images right to the whiteboard surface, custom VividBoards were then created. These boards are high quality and extremely beneficial where information needs to change, be displayed professionally and grab attention often.


    The Classic VividBoard

    The Classic Vividboard is durable, versatile and allows you to change information while still displaying your brand at all times. The surface is coated with a patented high gloss VividShield which guarantees a lifetime warranty. The specialized coating also makes the board easy to wipe clean without any fading or residue left behind. All pictures embedded on the boards are created with VividGraphics, a high impact process which provides the sharpest images. This means that the entire board can be written on, even the pictures. The endless array of creative options available makes the classic board the most popular item that Vividboard offers.


    Available Options

    Since VividBoard is completely customizable, you can design a board that caters specifically to your office needs. You can start by choosing which graphics make your brand come to life. Once designed, you can select one of five standard sizes. As always, if the sizes don’t fit your vision, the dimensions can be customizable. The finish of your board can either be framed or unframed.  The frames are available in the following options: aluminum, image trim, light oak, cherry oak, deco aurora and deco quest. The frame also allows the option for a magnetic surface. L-brackets and mirror hangers are included to ensure that installation is a breeze.


    Featured Whiteboards

    Dry Erase Board, Melamine




    Adjustable Whiteboard Easel



    Unruled Student Dry Erase Board



    Classic Melamine Dry Erase Board


    Looking for more ways to innovate your office? Check out more of our office supplies.

  3. The Best Office Supplies for Telecommuters

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    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of American employees working from home has tripled, from 7 percent in 1985, to 23 percent in 2014. This statistic illustrates the large number of workers that are now telecommuters. Many companies also have a mix of physical office spaces and telecommuting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that 30 million people, or one in five Americans, work from home one day per week. With the rise of telecommuting, comes the need for flexible office supplies that are perfect for on the go. We outline the best office supplies for telecommuters.

    MK320 Wireless Desktop Set, Keyboard/Mouse, USB, Black


    TOT Mini Stapler, 12-Sheet Capacity, Black



    Pocket-Sized Monthly Planner, 3 5/8 x 6 1/16, Black, 2016-2018



    Vinyl-Coated Wire Paper Clips, No. 1, Assorted Colors, 500/Pack



    Portable Case File, 19 Pockets, Legal, Assorted Colors



    ConferenceCam Connect, 1080p, Black/Silver




  4. Embrace the Zen with Zebra Sarasa Porous Pens

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    zebra-sarsa-pen-orangeThe Zebra Pen Sarasa Porous Pens are ideal for everyday writing and drawing, with the ability to dry very quickly. This series comes with fast drying, water-based ink that will not cause messes, preventing leaking through the paper. The user-friendly felt tip is perfect for making bold markings, without a tremendous amount of effort. This product combines the performance of a fine tip pen and marker, all in one!

    Learn more about the Sarasa Porous Pens from our friend Zen!



    This essential office supply collection provides the ultimate in vibrancy and comfort. Whether you’re writing or drawing, expressing one’s creative self becomes a breeze with the incorporation of this product line. Zebra Pen utilized Rapid Dry Ink Technology when designing these pens that allow ink to dry in little or no time and provide a smear-proof writing experience.

    The fast-drying feature of this pen makes it ideal for lefties to use. No longer will they have to endure the mess of having ink on the side of their hand! Choose from 12 non-toxic different colors to exude your own personal style. These office products are water-resistant, acid-free, and provide fine and precise lines for ultimate accuracy. The grooved rubber clip provides comfort, allowing you the freedom to write and create without experiencing discomfort.

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  5. Product Spotlight: Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizers

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    Create your very own innovative and flexible workspace solution with a little help from Deflecto stackable cube organizers. These clear plastic or black organizers display your very colorful assortment of office supplies. The black or clear cube organizers can better arrange your desk, maximizing the space you have to work with. Keep post-it notes, binders, pens, and more tucked away with easy access whenever you have a project. Other applications include for use in storage cabinets and breakroom areas.

    These modular cubes can be joined together with clips to create a custom system for your needs. The drawer inserts and dividers are removable for further customization. With the ability to see all of your supplies at a quick glance, you will be able to save time and focus on your work. Choose from organizers with multiple dividers and drawers.

    Featured Desk Organizers


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  6. [Quiz] What Office Supply Are You?

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    Have you ever wondered if you were an office supply which product you’d be? Take our quiz to find out for yourself. You might be surprised to find out which product you’ll be based on key personality traits and professional attributes.

  7. Get Organized With Your Taxes

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    Sometimes the daunting feeling of having to file your taxes can be overwhelming. Get yourself prepared this year with the addition of office products that will keep you organized and on track. Getting yourself organized will help reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. See our top office products to ensure you’re prepared for tax season.

    Expanding File with Zipper Closure, 13 Pocket, Tabbed Dividers, Blue

    Expanding File

    This expanding file folder comes with 13 convenient pockets to keep all your tax related documentation in order. Customize the color-coded tab inserts based on month, type of document, and more based on your personal organizational style. Keep confidential documents safe and secure with the zipper closure.

    Two-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet, Metal Siding, 19w x 15d x 23h, Silver/Black

    2-Drawer Mobile Filing

    Perfect for tax season organization as well as everyday filing, this two-drawer mobile filing cabinet can accommodate letter sized hanging file folders. Customize the built-in label holders on the front of the drawers and lock the drawers to keep your information private. This filing cabinet is flexible and compact, thus, it can be effective in a variety of different working environments. The locking caters allow this product to be transportable wherever you need security and storage.

    MS-80S Tax and Currency Calculator, 8-Digit LCD


    Tax filing involves a significant amount of number crunching. Equip yourself with a compact but effective tax and currency calculator that can help you calculate accurately. Use at your computer or on the go with the large and easy to read display screen.

    Polished Professional Monthly Desk Pad, Black/Silver, 22 1/4×17 1/4, White, 2016

    Monthly Desk Pad

    Keep all your important tax related dates and deadlines organized on your desk. This polished professional monthly desk pad features large open writing blocks, a notes section, and past and future months for easy cross-referencing. Never forget a deadline and also be reminded of important tax dates.

    File Folders, 1/3 Cut Single-Ply Top Tab, Letter, Assorted, 100/Box

    File Folders

    Keep financial statements, receipts, invoices, charitable donations, and other tax related paperwork organized in categories. By incorporating color-coded file folders, each document will have its own place. We recommend that you organize documents in order from most recent to oldest. These high-quality files will keep you better organized and prepared for tax season.

    Earthscapes Nature Scene Reversible/Erasable Yearly Wall Calendar, 18 x 24, 2016


    Ideal for business tax planning, this large, reversible yearly wall calendar can mark important tax dates. The full-sized natural photos add a little peace and serenity during the hectic tax season. There is a vertical or horizontal format available to accommodate different work layouts. If changes are necessary, simply erase your notes with the dry-erase marker.

    Do you have a favorite office supply that helps you get organized for tax season? If so, please share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

  8. Technology Product Spotlight: Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

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    The Logitech ConferenceCam Connect, ideal for teams of one to six, is an innovative and portable HD conferencing solution, designed for small groups of co-workers. Weighing approximately 1.5 lbs, this product is transportable, creating a conference room wherever you go. Experience high-quality, ultra vivid 1080p HD video, 360 degree sound, and wireless screen projection.

    Have you ever been on a conference call with annoying echo and sound quality issues? Think again – Logictech technology provides acoustic echo and noise cancelling ability within a 12 foot radius so you can hear without disturbance. Collaborate and discuss intelligently with the 90-degree view, offering digital pan, tilt, and 4X digital zoom.

    The sleek, all in one design delivers compact technology, without compromising on performance. The wireless screen mirroring allows users to share their presentations, spreadsheets, video content, web pages, and more from a mobile device or on a television screen. The ultra advanced ZEISS lens automatically focuses on users and objects for sharp resolution.

    Additional Features:

    Use ConferenceCam to screen mirror presentations from a mobile device with the help of Bluetooth

    • Integrates with most business conferencing platforms such as Skype, Cisco, Zoom, and more
    • Pair & Use mobile devices with NFC technology
    • Rechargeable battery-3 hours of video & 15 hours of audio on each charge
    • Remote control on dock that operates camera & audio functions
    • Plug & Play for Ease of Use
    • Wide-angle View
    • Omni-Directional Mics
    • HDMI Connector
    • Multi-Device Connectivity
    • Kensington Security Lock-Enabled


    Watch this video to see the ConferenceCam in action.

  9. OEM vs Remanufactured Ink Cartridges – What’s The Difference?

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    When it comes to purchasing toner cartridges and other supplies for your specific printer, the options can seem endless. With every printer there are distinct requirements in order for it to work properly.  OEM? Remanufactured? All the terms you will come across may seem overwhelming, here is our guide to understanding the difference and helping to distinguishing which cartridge works best for you.

    What is OEM?

    Ink Cartridges

    OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These products are factory originals. These are the cartridges that come with your product at first, so you can be confident that you will receive the same color and quality as your original cartridges.

    Naturally, OEM products are more expensive but don’t differ by much in quality compared to remanufactured products. Being the most genuine product, these high quality cartridges were designed for great durability and undeniable precision. For those who want to continue with the factory originals, OEM ink cartridges are the right option for you and your printer.

    What is remanufactured?

    Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

    Remanufactured are the used but refurbished products. This “generic” product offers about the same level of quality as OEM products at a more affordable price.

    Among the many reasons on why you should recycle toner cartridges, this option is much more environmentally friendly and can help decrease your carbon footprint while still receiving a quality product. In order to conserve energy, save natural resources, and cut toxic emissions, invest your time into our Compatible laser cartridge program and strive to increase your recycling efforts for cash.

    Make sure you are well informed ahead of time by following this guide to knowing the differences regarding your printer. Knowledge of your order is necessary in making sure you receive the product that you truly need.

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  10. [Quiz] Can We Guess Your Favorite Office Product?

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    From the iconic red Swingline stapler to a brand new tablet, we all have our one favorite office product. Can we guess which one is yours?